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The Many Benefits of Propane

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There are many benefits to using propane, which is a safe, efficient, and reliable alternative to electricity for many appliances. Using propane is an affordable choice that’s ideal for families who want to minimize their carbon footprints. As an affordable option, while propane enables you to cook outside in summer, it also saves you money on your AC bills by providing a consistent air supply.

Propane is liquefied petroleum gas, a high-energy alternative to traditional fuel. It has a higher octane rating than gasoline. As a colorless and odorless liquid, it vaporizes into a gas. Although there is a certain smell associated with propane, it is added so that users can detect a leak. Some of the additional benefits of propane include all of the following:

Environmentally Safe
Listed as a clean fuel in the 1990 Clean Air Act as well as the Energy Policy Act of 1992, propane is safe for the environment because it burns cleaner than other fossil fuels.

Reliable in an Emergency
When your electricity is out, your propane-fueled appliances still work. Your choice of this safe and reliable choice ensures that you won’t be without heat when you need it most. However, you must keep your propane tank well-maintained and filled.

A Safe Energy Option
Home propane tanks, which are typically buried well beyond the natural gas main, are more resistant to punctures than those used for gasoline, ethanol, and methanol.

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