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15 Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

  • By 7016296637
  • 15 Jun, 2017

15 ways to stay cool this summer

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By 7016296637 28 Sep, 2017
Now that the Fall season is upon us you may be considering a gas outdoor fire-pit to warm your patio.  Before you make that purchase, consider these helpful hints.
1.  Always purchase the burner first, then have your paver contractor build the enclosure according to the burner manufacturer's specifications.  Failure to do this could cause operational problems and may even void the warranty.
2.  You want your burner to last so choose one that is made of high grade stainless steel
3.  Next choose a burner ignition system that best suits your needs.
     A.  The cheapest and easiest system to maintain and operate is the match throw ignition system; however, cheaper is not always better and in       this case definitely not the safest.  This type burner has to be lit manually and in the event of flame outage it does not have a safety shut off.           Also this type burner may not comply with local codes.
     B.  Your next choice is a manual thermocouple safety system.  Like the match throw system this burner also has to be lit manually with a                   lighter or match but if the flame extinguishes the thermocouple safety automatically turns off the gas flow.   It's a little more costly but the               safety feature is well worth the investment.
     C.  Your third choice is the thermocouple flame sense system.  This system comes with all the bells and whistles including electronic ignition         and remote control.  Thermocouple flame sense is also equipped with safety features to ensure the gas turns off in the event of flame outage.
      We can assist you in choosing the burner and accessory kit that's right for you.
4.  Finally we've all heard the old saying "DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME."  Call us to make sure your gas installation is safe and reliable.  Trust Mrohs the propane pros! 
By 7016296637 08 Aug, 2017

One of the biggest marketing challenges we face is trying to debunk the myth of our limited service area. We often hear from Wicomico and Worcester Co. residents, "I didn't know you deliver all the way out here." Although our roots are in Crisfield we do service the greater tri-county area but not from Crisfield.  In recent years we've expanded our infrastructure and employee base which enables us to conveniently service the vast majority of the lower shore.

In the l ate 90's we constructed a 30,000 gallon transfer facility in Princess Anne which enables us to better service the upper Somerset Co. area from Deal Island to the Pocomoke forest. In 2004 construction was completed on a 120,000 gallon storage plant on Rt. 13 in Eden. From this site two delivery trucks are dispatched to effectively service Wicomico and Worcester counties. In 2012 we added a 60,000 gallon transfer site in Pocomoke. From there our trucks can reload to service areas from Pocomoke to Snow Hill and as far south as Accomac Co Va. We are currently searching for a strategic location to build another storage facility close to the Wicomico, Worcester Co. line. This will greatly improve our delivery efficiency along the Rt. 50 corridor between Parsonburg and Ocean City.

So remember, If you need propane service, we're close to your neighborhood! We also employ sales and service personnel based in Salisbury and the surrounding areas who are just a phone call away. Call us at 410-968-0252 or 888-775-7427.

By 7016296637 20 Jul, 2017
Anybody can set tanks and deliver propane but when you have a breakdown, can your propane provider service and repair your propane appliances.  If not perhaps your dealing with the wrong company.  We maintain a staff of qualified technicians capable of handling all of your appliance, heating and air conditioning service needs.  We provide continuing education to our employees in order to provide you with a level of customer service you can't find anywhere else.
By 7016296637 30 Jun, 2017
The next time your grill cylinder is empty you may want to think twice before rushing out to the grocery store or a major box store to do an exchange.  We've all seen the national brand cylinder exchange cabinets, they're everywhere.  When you exchange a 20 lb cylinder at one of these locations you would expect to get 20 lbs. of gas, right?  Wrong!  Make sure you read the fine print posted on the exchange cabinet that says cylinders are filled to net 15 lbs capacity.  That's a real game changer!  A 5 lb shortage doesn't sound like much but when you apply some simple math, it can amount to a significant cost difference.

For example a 20 lb. cylinder filled to capacity contains approximately 4.7 propane gallons.  In contrast, a 20 lb cylinder filled to 15 lbs capacity contains only 3.5 propane gallons, a difference of 1.2 gallons less than what you think your getting.

Unit Cost Comparison:
Our 20 lb cylinder at $16.00 divided by 4.7 gallons costs $3.40 per gallon.

The national brand 20 lb cylinder filled to 15 lbs that costs $15.00 divided by 3.5 gallons costs $4.28 per gallon.  The end result is the cylinder that appears to be less expensive actually costs  .88   more per gallon.  Not such a great deal after all.

The Latin phrase cavet emptor or "let the buyer beware" certainly applies.  Don't be fooled by the deception.  For the best value in cylinder  pricing, visit any one of our 10 conveniently located cylinder exchange or refill locations:

Corbin Park Convenience Store
4459 Crisfield Hwy.

Arby's General Store
8954 Deal Island Rd.

Lucky's Last Chance Store 
23724 Deal Island Md.

How Sweet It Is Produce Mkt.
3601 Stockyard Rd.
Eden Md.

T's Market
400 N. Salisbury Blvd.

Friendly Food Store
900 N. Salisbury Blvd.

Atlantic Business
500 S. Salisbury Blvd.

Partner Inc.
31997 Beaver Run Drive 
Salisbury Md.

Brews Up 
9028 Worcester Hwy.
Berlin Md.

By 7016296637 16 Jun, 2017
Propane Price Protection

By joe.odorisio 19 Apr, 2017
I have finally decided to take the plunge and add a blog to my site. I always wanted an easy way to share information with visitors and I’m super excited to start this journey. Keep coming back to my site and check for updates right here on the blog.
By joe.odorisio 19 Apr, 2017
Anyone can make one:
For better or worse, anyone can write a blog post about anything they want. Everyone has a voice and the best voices will rise to the top.

The writer can show their personality:
In blog posts, the writer has more leeway to add in their voice and personality than other types of writing.

Blogs are a great form of mass communication:
You can help people, learn new things, entertain your audience—the possibilities are endless and amazing. Blogging opens up all of these to a very wide audience.

You can make money:

Get the right blog going and you can make a lot of money through advertising and sponsored posts.

It allows people to craft better thoughts:
Instead of reading haphazard, uneducated Facebook statuses, it’s much better to see people’s thought process in a well-written blog post.

You can establish a community:
Blogging allows you to connect with other individuals who share the same interests. Sharing ideas and opinions within your community helps establish yourself as a thought leader.

Good for SEO:
Keeping content on your site fresh and relevant, you can use your blog to boost the search engine ranking (SEO) of your site and your business.

It brings people back to your site:

If your blog is strong enough and updated regularly, people will come back looking for more and bring traffic back to your site as well.

It’s free:
It costs you a grand total of zero dollars to post to the blog, so if you have something to say, there’s nothing to stop you.

You can establish yourself as a thought leader:

A blog is a great place for your original thoughts, and it can be a wonderful way to show off your individuality. If people like your ideas, you can become a thought leader in your industry!

What else do you love about blogs? Let me know!
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